Notes on Notes

Hello and welcome to Notes on Notes, a podcast about classical music!

Notes on Notes is run by me, Leah Broad. The podcast is divided into two – Long and Short Notes on Notes. In the Long episodes, I interview a musician about their work. And I mean “musician” broadly. I’m talking to performers, composers, conductors, musicologists, music critics – anybody who’s involved in the music industry today.

In the Short Notes, I’m joined by Simon Brackenborough to take tours through music history. From Hildegard von Bingen to the present day, we bring you the weird and wonderful ways in which music’s been part of our lives for centuries.

Every episode is released on the Podcast Page, along with information about the person being interviewed. You can subscribe on iTunes (search for ‘Notes on Notes Leah Broad’), and our RSS feed is available here.

You can find out more about Leah and Simon in the ‘Presenters’ section. You can contact us via our ‘Contact’ page, follow us on Twitter @notes_podcast, or email us at