#3: Short(ish) Notes on Queen Elizabeth I

If you were wandering around Queen Elizabeth I’s England, what kind of music might you have heard? In this episode, Leah and Simon take a trip through music history to find out. We’ll be visiting the courts, private homes, and taking on some Elizabethan poetry…

On today’s podcast, we discuss the following music:

Thomas Tallis, If Ye Love Me.

Thomas Tallis, O Sacrum Convivium.

William Byrd, Mass for Four Voices.

William Mundy, ‘Fantasia’. (Example of viol consort music.)

John Dowland, ‘Lachrimae pavane’. (Example of recorder consort music.)

John Johnson, ‘Carman’s Whistle’. (Example of lute music.)

William Byrd, Rejoice unto the Lord.

The main material that we used to research this podcast is:

Jerry Brotton, This Orient Isle (Allen Lane, 2016)
Katherine Butler, Music in Elizabethan Court Politics (Boydell & Brewer, 2015)
Katherine Butler, ‘By Instruments her Powers Appeare”: Music and Authority in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth I’, Renaissance Quarterly Vol. 65/2 (Summer 2012), pp. 353-384
Andrew Gant, O Sing Unto the Lord (Profile, 2015)

The theme tune is ‘Dusty Rag’ by May Aufderheide. Performed by Joanna Goldstein for Centaur. This podcast is licensed by PRS for Music (www.prsformusic.com).