#4: An Interview with Tess Tyler

In today’s episode I’m with composer Tess Tyler. We’re chatting about how video game music’s written, how to score a film using the sound of a dog eating biscuits (?!), and Tess gives her tips and tricks for composing video game music.



Tess is an award winning Bristol, UK-based composer for film, television and video games.

Tess made her orchestral recording debut at Air Lyndhurst Studios in London with her score for the video game Steampunk Riders. This work being one amongst many for orchestra, Tess has recorded her music with the likes of the London Session Orchestra, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, The Budapest Art Orchestra, and The Bratislava Symphony.

​She is best known for her work with the LEGO® franchise. Her music has featured in the incredibly successful AAA titles, LEGO® Marvel Avengers, LEGO® Worlds and the Oculus Rift game, Dead and Buried. In February / March 2017, a medley of her LEGO® music has been showcased in famous concert halls across the United Kingdom as part of the ‘Heroes and Legends Tour’ with the Bournemouth Symphony. Tess has worked as a resident composer with the songwriter and musical innovator Imogen Heap and is currently working for the independent mindfulness and meditation game, PLAYNE. Alongside composing, Tess also directs and lectures in composition for screen at dBs College of Music.

The tracks played on this podcast are ‘Winter Tundra’ from LEGO Worlds and ‘Iron Man: Ready. Aim. Fire. Action A’ from LEGO Marvel Avengers.

You can hear more of Tess’s music on her website, https://www.tesstyler.com.

The theme tune is ‘Dusty Rag’ by May Aufderheide. Performed by Joanna Goldstein for Centaur. This podcast is licensed by PRS for Music (www.prsformusic.com).