#9: Short(ish) Notes on Dorothy Howell & Lamia

The BBC Proms will be performing Lamia by Dorothy Howell this year, 100 years after Henry Wood gave the piece its world premiere at the Proms. In this podcast we explore Howell’s life, Lamia‘s reception, and a little bit of Proms history (with a brief cameo by Julie Andrews).


If you’d like to listen to Lamia in full (and not Leah & Simon’s keyboard/guitar rendition), then it’s available on YouTube here:

As is Howell’s Piano Concerto:

And for a bonus track, here’s Julie Andrews singing ‘There are Fairies at the Bottom of our Garden’:

Vincent James Byrne’s dissertation on Howell, which we mention in the podcast, is available online here.

Lamia will be performed at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the BBC Proms season on the 22nd August 2019. Tickets and further information are available here.

The theme tune is ‘Dusty Rag’ by May Aufderheide. Performed by Joanna Goldstein for Centaur. This podcast is licensed by PRS for Music (www.prsformusic.com).