#21: An Interview with Nathan Waddell

For our first podcast of 2020 I’m with Dr Nathan Waddell. We’re talking about how myths about Beethoven’s life influenced writers including Virginia Woolf, Rebecca West, and Dorothy Richardson in the early twentieth century. Dr Nathan Waddell is a Senior Lecturer in Early Twentieth-Century and Modernist Literature in the Department of English Literature at the […]

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#20: An Interview with Cheryl Frances-Hoad

Today I’m with the composer Cheryl Frances-Hoad. We’re discussing her career and approaches to composition, with a particular focus on her songs Magic Lantern Tales, and her Piano Concerto Between the Skies, the River and the Hills. Admired for her originality, fluency and professionalism, Cheryl Frances-Hoad has been composing to commission since she was fifteen. Classical tradition […]

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#19: Short(ish) Notes on Clara Schumann’s Piano Sonata

Today we’re looking at Clara Schumann’s Piano Sonata in G minor, written just a year after she married Robert. She wrote two of the movements as a Christmas present for her new husband, and we delve into the history of the piece and their relationship.

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#18: An Interview with Douglas Shadle

Today I’m with Professor Doug Shadle from Vanderbilt University. We’re discussing American symphonies and orchestras, and the C20th music critic Claudia Cassidy. As a public figure in the classical music industry she faced considerable sexism, and we’re talking about what we can learn from her life and how we move conversations about gender forward.

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